Political lawn signs have continued to be one of the most effective and affordable campaign investments for over 30 years.  But it can be hard to gauge how many signs your campaign should invest in.  One of the rules we go by at Political Lawn Signs is to calculate at least one sign for every 30 registered voters in your area.  This might have changed slightly after we have seen homeowners now putting out multiple lawn signs for the representative they are supporting.

Gather information

If you have worked on a campaign before then you are not new to getting out and searching the internet or surveying people in your community to gather information.  Take some time to check the number of your district’s registered voters and review the last few elections for the voter turnout percentage.  Then add the number for the registered voters and voter turnout, divide the number of elections that you were able to gather numbers from to find your averages.  You should then have three numbers to work with:

  • Number of registered voters
  • Percentage of voter turnout
  • Your vote goal percentage

Once you have these numbers, you can then calculate your needed number of campaign signs.  To find this number multiply the number of voters by the expected turnout, then multiply that total by the vote percentage.  Since political lawn signs are effective at increasing a political candidate’s name recognition and reach by 6 to 10 voters per yard sign, your last calculation should be divided by 6 to 10.

There are a couple of other things that you should consider based on the current trend that we discussed of homeowners wanting multiple signs to show their support and pride in their chosen candidate.  If you really want to help homeowners show how much they support your campaign then consider ordering enough signs to have 2 signs per home.  Even if they don’t put out both of your signs, they are likely to pass the other sign on to a friend, neighbor, or family member just like they would a business card.  This shows that relying on just numbers alone won’t guarantee that you order the right amount of signs.  Take into consideration the lifestyle of your voters or other related factors that aren’t just numbers