No matter what the purpose of a custom yard sign is, be it political or for business, they are meant to catch attention. For pedestrians, there is a longer time frame but for drivers and cyclists, the time frame is even shorter. Signs tend to be ignored if they are too plain or busy in appearance, but that’s not what you want since any passersby are considered potential customers. So how do you design a sign that is straightforward and to the point, yet still draws attention to it? Here are some design tips to help you create custom yard signs that are impressive and engaging.

Design Tips for Any Custom Yard Signs

  • Color Usage 

Colors are the first thing people notice when it comes to signs. The challenging part is knowing what colors to use and how many. Here is the tip: limit yourself to only two to three colors. Contrasting colors are visually pleasing, complementary colors bring unity, and bright colors can be dramatic. The colors must make sense to the brand yet still draws attention. Make a combination that will make people turn their heads.

  • Brand Consistency

When marketing your brand, your brand must stand out, otherwise, it makes people wonder what your sign is trying to say. With the usage of your brand’s colors, mission statement, or advertisement, your brand can become even more effective when marketed right and aimed toward the correct audience. 

  • Verbiage

The right message can touch people’s emotions or their state of mind, but it depends entirely on the word choice. Since custom yard signs are viewed in five seconds or less, it makes sense to use fewer words (and make them in a big enough font), and include a call to action. A straightforward message is the way to go!

How Can We Help?

Custom yard signs are customizable, which makes it easy to make them eye-catching. Promote Signs have an expert sales staff that can best help you with layout and colors. Call us at 888-864-4114 or request a quote from our website.