Custom yard signs need to catch attention, especially if you are running a political campaign or a business advertisement. A plain or busy sign can cause people to ignore it instead. A plain sign does not inspire heads to turn and a busy sign does not catch enough attention because no one can read it. We have come up with some design tips so incredible that they will help you have an idea to design your own custom yard signs!

Custom Yard Sign Design Tips

    • Consistent Branding – A must for your business. A consistent brand consists of the business’s message, color scheme, fonts, and representation of people and the local community! This seems busy but keep only what is essential at the moment to send the best message across.
  • Use of Color Schemes – Colors make your signage POP! But knowing what color scheme to use so that they complement each other can be confusing at times. Use only two to three colors and choose a theme: contrasting, complementary, or bright. 
  • Bold Font and Verbiage – Font draws attention and verbiage sends the message across. Typical custom yard signs are read in five seconds or less because the readers are usually in motion. Using fewer words delivers a straightforward message and including a call to action will allow them to remember who to contact.

How We Can Help

Custom yard signs are easily customizable and are able to be printed into two-color or full-color palettes. Promote Signs have an expert sales staff that can help you with determining the best layout and the right colors for your custom yard signs, and we accept designs that you submit. Whenever you are ready to create some campaign signs, call us at (888) 864-4114 or request a quote form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!