Direct marketing is putting information right in the hands of your customers. It’s not about just placing product information in their hands, it’s about brand awareness. A great way to maximize your next direct marketing campaign is to use yard signs.

Creating a strategic direct marketing campaign with custom signs can maximize your campaign by increasing visibility and growing brand awareness which creates better ROI.

Why Yard Signs?

When you’re driving, walking, or biking along, you notice yard signs. Maybe a customer received your marketing materials but forgot to call or look into it further. Now they’ve seen a sign that reminds them of what you have to offer and now they will look into it.

After sending out your mailings and email blasts, putting yard signs up help them remember your business or promotion. When someone drives or walks by and sees that sign they will be more inclined to call because he or she has again been reminded about your company and your products.

 How to Use Signs to Maximize Your Campaign

Consistency – Stick with the same color, or colors, you’re using with all other materials. That will create consistency and brand recognition. 

Target Certain Areas Where Your Audience Spends Time – If you’re targeting families, you probably can’t put signs in a suburb. However, you can put signs near groceries stores or gas stations in nearby suburbs.

 Know Which Signs to Use – The length and budget of your campaign will determine which of three main types of signs you should use.

 Sign for Effective Direct Marketing

Yard signs, or outdoor signs, are a simple, inexpensive, and effective addition to your marketing campaign but, they are more than just advertising signs. They’re great at increasing and promoting brand awareness. 

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