Whether it be political or business signs, custom yard signs are meant to catch attention. Therefore, if the signage is plain in appearance or if it is too busy, people usually ignore it. People passing by are always potential customers or someone who wants to know what the point of the sign is. These tips will help you design eye-catching signs.

Design Tips for Amazing Custom Yard Signs

  • Color Usage makes all the difference in order to make your signs visible but there is order to it. Using only two or three colors can make your signs POP! Be smart about color choices: contrasting colors are very attractive, complementary colors bring unity, and bright colors are meant to scream. Pair color usage with wording that will create a combination that will make people look twice.
  • Brand Consistency is a must when marketing your business. The use of your brand’s colors, along with a mission statement or advertisement, makes your brand stand out and worth remembering. 
  • Verbiage makes all the difference depending on the message and word choice. Typically, these yard signs are read in 5 seconds or less because passersby are always in motion. Using fewer words not only sends your message across much faster but it delivers a straightforward message with a simple call to action, if there is any.

What Can We Do to Help?

Custom yard signs are quite customizable and can be printed in either a two-color palette or full-color palette. Promote Signs have an expert sales staff that can help you with determining the best layout and the right colors for your yard signs, and we accept designs that you submit. Whenever you are ready to create some campaign signs, call us at (888) 864-4114 or request a quote form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!