When looking at lawn signs, people tend to recognize them first by colors. However, when a company or political campaign uses colors that do not represent themselves, potential customers can be confused. Besides confusing color usage, the choice of font can also be a make or break when it comes to advertising. 

Avoid Cursive

Not only is cursive hard to read on a sign, but it’s not as elegant as it looks on signs for passersby to read. They do not stop to admire the look it, instead, they walk past it because it’s not worth reading. Additionally, cursive is not taught in public schools anymore, which leaves out a certain percentage of people who can actually read it and appreciate it.

Wrong Colors

Using the wrong colors in your lawn sign that doesn’t represent you can make others mistake you for something else. Red, white, and blue are associated with political campaigns; green and brown are associated with landscaping companies. So if you are a toy company using green and brown colors, people might think you’re a toy company…specializing in landscaping. That’s not what you want.

Busy Designs

A lawn sign should only have designs that help accentuate the overall message and enhance the appearance, not overwhelm the entire sign that everything is lost. If a message appeals to a passerby, the designs usually do not matter as much, only to bring in more attention. Make the message worth it when customers turn their heads because of the designs. 

Avoid cursive, wrong colors, and busy designs. When in doubt, ask the experts!  Avoid those “design it yourself” websites and instead, look for a custom lawn sign company that will put in the time and expertise to design a sign that properly represents your business’s brand! Call Promote Signs at (888) 864-4114 or request a quote form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!