Yard signs have been around for quite some time and people often now think of them more as political signage, but that could not be further from the truth. They can be used to promote a brand, business, political party, or even services. So before you shrug them off, you must realize that yard signs are a great marketing tool simply because they draw attention with the least amount of work. Here are some reasons why they are still the best “word of mouth” marketing tools:

Yard Signs and Why They are the Better Marketing Tool

  • Affordability: One of the most cost-effective marketing tools. These signs can be printed in a limited color palette or a full-color palette depending on the message and need for it. 
  • Durability: Whether it be corrugated, plastic, or metal signs, these signs are meant to withstand mild weather such as windy and rainy weather. This allows the signs to sit outside for a longer duration and can still hold their place even though it is very lightweight.
  • Spread of Word: With strategic placement, yard signs can canvas an entire neighborhood to an entire community. This truly serves as the best “word of mouth” advertisement because people living within these areas will always repeatedly see these signs and spread the message.
  • Signs to Use: Yard signs come in all sizes and prices. Poly-coated signs are the least expensive but last the shortest amount of time, meaning that it’s meant for shorter events or promotions. Corrugated signs come in a variety of sizes and lasts for a couple of years; lastly, Aluminum signs are the most expensive and lasts the longest (up to 5 years).


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