Make every dollar count for your marketing budget with the most ROI (Return on Investment) by investing in custom yard signs. They are one of the least expensive ways to locally advertise and you can still target the right audience. Here is a list of a few reasons why you should say yes to investing in custom yard signs.

Making an Investment in Custom Yard Signs

  • Great for Local Businesses 

Business owners tend to attract more customers when they advertise locally. New customers often give credit to signage as the reason for their visits or for deciding to give their business. Despite this, do not overdo by displaying too many signages.

  • Very Little Maintenance

Custom yard signs do not require much maintenance. The usual repositioning and wiping off splattered dirt should do the trick. This means that you pay little to no attention to them while you let them bring in more business!

  • Do Not Take a Large Amount of Space

The best part about custom yard signs is that they do not take a lot of space to be advertised. Well-placed signages line up with potential customer’s sign and, depending on the design, it can leave a lasting impression. This allows them to make a mental note to come back at a later time.

Are you ready to invest in custom yard signs and rake in the most return on your investment? Promote Signs offers corrugated signs, poly-coated signs, and aluminum signs. We also offer printing services on other custom products if you want to invest in additional products for your signages. Have questions on the types of signs, designs, or printing process, or if you simply want a quote? Call 888-864-4114 or email us at for more information.